Altamonte Chapel - Lake Brantley Union Chapel


Formerly known as the Lake Brantley Union Chapel, as named to where it was

originally situated Ė at Lake Brantley - the Altamonte Chapel started its construction in 1882 and was completed after three years. The wife of Mr. Carlo Cushing, a resident from Boston, was the brainchild of the project, persuading her husband to build a chapel out of the donation land by the couple George and Louis Lewton.

The chapel was designed by a Boston architect. The woodwork details suggest

that J.A. Clouser, prominent in early Longwood, may have been involved in the construction of the chapel. A minister from the Winter Park Congregational Church

had been visiting the chapel for monthly services, with other congregations in the

area like the Presbyterian and Methodists, paid their worships as well.

However, a devastating winter freeze along the Lake Brantley destroyed

the groves in 1895.

The settlers, which came from New England, depended much on the groves for their survival, so they have no other choice but to leave the area and search for other means of livelihood, thus the chapel was left deserted. The Cushing Family would then transfer the building and the lotís rights to Rollins College in exchange for the matriculation of their two daughters.

Arthur Fuller and Maxwell McIntyre, both hunters and enterprising pioneers, found the abandoned chapel in 1905. The chapel is still on its very good condition. Fuller and McIntyre proposed to move the chapel downtown and bought it from Rollins College for $600. The chapel was dismantled and moved piece by piece in wagons in downtown where it was presently located at 825 East State Road 436, Altamonte Springs.

altamonte chapel or lake brantley union chapel

In 1908, the chapel was reopened with a new name (as Altamonte Chapel), attracting locals and famous guests to visit especially on the winter season. The Altamonte Chapel has been formerly organized as a community church in 1955. In 1957, an Educational Building was also constructed nearby following to its affiliation o the United Church of the Christ in 1965 as well as having Reverend Wayne E. Smith as its first full-time pastor.


Reverend Marcella Freeze and the current pastor, Reverend Dr. Terry L. Grove, are the pastors that have served the chapel. Currently, the congregation is offering various services each day. The construction of The Fellowship Hall in 1982 paved way to the ease of taking over the services, although the first services were held on May 16, 1971. Every Sundays are the typical worship service that happens in the chapel and the sanctuary. Child Care, which constitute every Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursday happens on the Education Building, aspires in fostering Children and Youth Education. There is also the Monday Bible Study Group that is scheduled on the Social Hall.