American Automobile Association


The origin of the idea behind the American Automobile Association (AAA) Car Care Plus has traced its way out from a simple story of a twelve year old boy named Lance Winslow, determined and equipped with his bicycle, drove his way to the airport to wash and shine planes to achieve his dream of becoming a pilot.


In 1979, at age 14, the seemingly small daily washing task has grown big into a business that was initially called Speedy Waxer, with Winslow as the branch operator with six employees under his management. Over the years, the washing company has branched out from aircrafts to cars, trucks and other automobiles as well, thus the birth of “The Car Wash Guys” wherein Winslow became President. Winslow's group of companies have served big companies such as AT&T, Coca Cola, General Motors, Chevron, US Postal Service, Nabisco, 7-11, K-Mart, McDonald's and Schlumberger, among a number of other companies.

american automobile association - aaa care plus

“The Car Wash Guys” would take a leap of fate by giving a similar company Car Care Plus a chance to exude its service. “Car Wash Guys” pure yellow as icon, may deem too bright as compared to AAA Car Care Plus’s distinctive with its all-white colored buildings and red and blue colored letterings that shouts its brand name. With the AAA Car Care Center spread out and has been well-known especially in Sacramento, another one has been established and continuously serving car owners, or passer-bys of Orlando, Florida. AAA Car Care Plus’ biggest asset is that it is a one-stop facility center for all car services: including car wash, diagnostic, repair and oil change.

This 10,000 plus square foot facility is the size of a large corporate fractional jet company hanger, with polished concrete floors. It is a combination tilt-up and steel structure. They have well-trained technicians that offer the best services including paint chip repair. Aside from the services mentioned above, AAA Car Care Plus has also partnered with Hertz Rent-a-Car that gives discounts to AAA members who would need to rent a car or shuttle for home and office needs, especially if one's personal car is being serviced.

Wafting for one's car to fix or washed wouldn't be arduous though, with the presence of the Java Makers coffee shop alongside the company's premises. One can read the papers or simply relax, wandering your eyes around the city of Orlando while taking a sip of one of the best coffees in town. The Car Wash Guys gave their salutes to the people behind the great concepts that are rising above Car Care Plus, giving a wider scope and bigger possibilities in the car wash industry.