Maitland Art Center


Initially known as the “Research Studio” when it was founded by visionary artist and architect Jules André Smith in 1937, the Maitland Art Center is a museum that was intended as an art colony for Central Florida artists.

Smith is also an etcher, painter, and sculptor and his works during his later years are celebrated in the MAC. The structure has then evolved into a home for traveling exhibits and collections of masterpieces. It is also a non-profit educational institution that offers community programming and art instruction. With its vision to promote the growth of American art and the dissemination of knowledge and support to people who aspire to develop their skills in the arts, the Maitland Art Center also seeks to expand its buildings and facilities, as it was added among the US National Register of Historic Places on November 17, 1982.

maitland art center - research studio

Maitland Art Center's pride lies on its strong curriculum of art instruction which is being backed up by the museum's intimate atmosphere and architectural gem magnificently set in 231 West Packwood Avenue, in the middle of the busy Central Florida.  The Art Center is in itself, a work of art. It is ornamented with murals, bas relief and carvings, which are mostly done by Smith. The museum is composed of multiple buildings intertwined with Mayan and Aztec designs. Natural settings include the luscious gardens and courtyards serving additional grace in the setting, a perfect inspiration for people who seek redemption for the release of their artistic endeavors. MAC offers art classes and workshops both for children and adults. Workshops include painting (acrylic, watercolor, oil, etc.), pottery, cartooning, drawing, mask making, installation art and a lot more. They also offer seminars and conferences on art studies, art appreciation and criticism. Aside from these classes, MAC hosts events and exhibitions that range from free to membership only, although there are some events that require a fee with discounts to members.

Enamored with areas of breathtakingly beautiful designs, the MAC has also been a popular location for outdoor weddings aside from being a museum and art school. There are three areas which can be chosen for weddings: the Main Garden, the Chapel and the Mayan Courtyard. Specifically, the MAC gives doors to any of the following private event types: wedding (ceremony, reception, rehearsal dinner, and banquet), private parties, corporate events, marketing events, conferences, lectures, filming and photo shoots. The creative, historic and laid-back atmosphere of the place will surely contribute to the aspired solemnity and intimacy of the events, which has to be scheduled and finalized at ten in the evening. Visitors of the museum who are members will be charged for free while $1.25 will be asked from non-members.