Bed and Breakfast in Orlando, FL


Bed and breakfast is the best option for people who are looking

for a place to stay in a very short term.


In fact, bed and breakfast is a recommended treat since a majority of these establishments offer breakfast on their accommodations (funny though that while it's called "Bed and Breakfast" some of such establishments don't actually offer breakfast at all so it's important to ask first before checking in).


For those who choose to stay in Bed and Breakfast Inns in Orlando, supplied here is a list of the most recommended places to spend the night away. Conveniently located just fifteen minutes away from Walt Disney World and a few minutes more in other popular places such as Universal Studios and downtown Orlando, the second floor of Historic Edgewater Hotel serves as a unique bed and breakfast.

bed and breakfast & accomodations in orlando

With rates starting at $70, the hotel allows its visitors to turn back their imagination through time as they contemplate on the preserved architecture that has dwelled from the past, as early as 1927. Incorporated through the antique setting of this bed and breakfast is a room equipped with modern comforts such as climate control and wireless Internet. The place is convenient enough to hold parties and other intimate gatherings such as weddings, reunions, anniversaries, small conferences and seminars. Another historic Bed and Breakfast in Downtown Orlando is The Courtyard at Lake Lucerne. Operating 24 hours a day, this magnificent establishment is composed of four uniquely-designed homes that represent a certain era. First is the Victorian-inspired design of Dr. Phillip's House which conglomerated modern amenities and antique touches such as fireplaces, whirlpool tubs, hardwood floors and refrigerators. Named after the central Florida legend who once owned a big plantation of citrus in the area, Dr. Philip Phillips, the house was originally his gift for his daughter.


The house became a primary attraction until it suffered from damages in 1986, leading to its renovation and acquisition by the Courtyard at Lake Lucerne. The move has led to an elegant establishment that caters continental breakfast, complimentary cocktails and wines as well as high speed Internet access to its prospective visitors. Care to stay at Orlando's oldest house? Built in 1883, the Norment Parry Inn was a restored version of an old structure transformed into a mixture of American and English tastes rolled into. The six-room house is decorated differently that accommodations vary, ranging from the fanciful to romantic to elegant. Amenities are similar to that of Dr. Philip Phillip's House. The third house fosters an art Deco architecture, The Wellborn Suites. It consists of fifteen one-bedroom suites that are distinctively unique from one another, factoring in colors, designs, furnishing and details. All of the suites are equipped with queen or king sized bed and a private bath, while majority of which feature each own kitchenette. The honeymoon suite is a special treat, since it includes a double whirlpool bath. Accommodation from the first two mentioned houses

also applies to Wellborn.

Last in the list of houses in The Courtyard is the I.W. Phillips House that features a Southern style house. It has three suites upstairs, each designed with antiques, French doors and wicker chairs that are dated back to 1920s. Two of the suites have double tubs while the honeymoon suite has a whirlpool that equates to a relaxing treat. Just like the other three houses, I.W. Phillips House also offers the same accommodation.