Cafe's in Orlando, FL


Orlando is more than the Hard Rock Cafe. It might have been natural that the city has been bombarded by the Hard Rock, which is one of its most important landmarks aside from Universal Studios and Walt Disney World.


However, do you know that Orlando has a lot more to offer, with numerous cafes to choose from for dining and for chilling out? Here is a list of the most recommendable

cafes in Orlando:

For those who are just aiming for an intimate time for the self or for some few friends, Studio Cafe is one of the best choices. Sit and relax in one of its cozy seats while you engulf on their specialty coffee, wine and beer and a variety of choices including gourmet sandwiches, waffles, pastries and black bean soup.

cafes and coffee shops in orlando

Located at Curry Ford Road, Studio Cafe is welcome to all ages, with open microphone nights every first and third Friday of the month for everyone's entertainment. Studio cafe is also a haven for the Orlando Songwriters Guild, Orlando Acoustic Guitar Society and Karaoke lovers. The coffee shop also provides WI-FI, definitely a conducive place even for people who are always in the go, having taking home jobs to become a necessity. Want to experience something Bohemian? Then White Wolf Cafe is the best option for you. Located in North Orange Avenue, White Wolf is a cafe that also sells antiques which are displayed inside, definitely eye pleasers for visitors who wants to rest the day or night away. The cafe's table of menu includes coffees, espressos, cappuccinos and a selection of beers ad wines. Their lunches and dinners starts from $6 and $8 respectively. White Wolf also offers catering for special occasions like business meeting and wedding receptions.

Leaf lovers and animal rights activists are very much welcome to Dandelion Communitea Cafe located at North Thornton Avenue. A truly vegetarian cafe, Dandelion started as a simple teahouse that has blossomed into a lunch and dinner cafe. Fostering a feel-at-home atmosphere, Dandelion assures you of a local, organic, pro-planet approach to hearty eating. Its menu ranges from the typical Hummus to the Polynesian Banana fantasy Wrap (which is actually a curried toss of carrots, celery, walnuts, greens, bananas, coconut flakes and raisins). For a special concoction, you can choose to a wide variety of loose-leaf teas: green, herbal, red, oolong each named with a twist. Who may not be seduced to sip the following interesting sounded drinks: Oh My Dar-jee-ling, Jasmine Haze and Morockin' Mint? The Cafe is open daily except Mondays, from 11AM to 11PM.

Eat the Food of the Gods in Athena Cafe, located at Altamonte Springs. Imagine a bite of feta and spinach for breakfast, lunch and dinner, alongside Athena's huge list of menu at low prices, plus the convenience of a lightning fast service. The place is small and is always crammed, but this just doesnít erase the curiosity that boils down to every would-be Greek food lovers. Though this crammed space doesn't put waiters and service crews not to do their jobs because expect that you'll always be handled with care and keep your drinks full. There are a lot of items to choose from: fried mushrooms, onion rings, white-meat chicken pita, pasta salad, col slaw, rotisserie chicken (and the list goes on). Definitely, Athena will always be one of the greatest choices.