Citrus Tower Clermont, Orlando, Florida


Standing atop Florida's highest ridge section, the Citrus Tower of Clermont, at the height of 226 feet (or 22 stories), is also the highest attraction of the State, with the tip of its antenna placed 500 feet above sea level. This structure was built in 1956 and has been considered as the first among Florida's attractions and the most famous landmark of Orlando. This tower serves as a tribute to Central Florida's citrus industry and it has been a perfect point that offers a spectacular view of the lakes, hills and the city. The tower is currently owned by couple Greg and Suzie Holman.

According to original plans, the Citrus Tower was projected to be built at 75 feet, only to be completed with its staggering height to date. The observation deck was then supposed as a viewing location of citrus groves over hills, but since the freezes have destroyed the plantations, the view was much transformed into houses in subdivisions with lesser of the orangey former background.

This doesn't minimize the tower's role; nonetheless it still pictures a very interesting perspective of Orlando. Onlookers would normally describe the Citrus Tower as a relaxed, slow-paced attraction. To enjoy more of the surroundings from the top, it is advisable to bring a pair of binoculars to make a more graphic and detailed view.

Citrus Tower offers a lot of keepsakes and souvenirs for visitors. The base of the tower has cute gift stores and a restaurant. The entrance ticket to the elevation costs only a few dollars at the counter, wherein on its left is the one-door elevator. At the top, there are painted signs that explain what you are looking in which direction it is pointed. There is also this slot (that may be described as a wishing well on air) that asks you drop a coin and listen to it falling down on the ground (and make a wish!).

citrus tower in orlando, fl

The coins that visitors dropped are to be donated to charity. On December 2, 2006, the Circus Tower had held its 50th anniversary. Described as a celebration day wrapped in fun and excitement for men and women of different ages, it garnered a crowd of more than 20,000 people. Iconic characters, Johnny Thunder, Joey Dee and the Start lighters and Dabby and the juniors came back to life as fifty years of history came rolling back to the present. Parents and their children were also seen enjoying the Winter Wonderland Forests that are filled over 40 tons of authentic snow. The Citrus Tower have been the official house of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus where children of all ages have paid a visit. The celebration ended with fireworks choreographically exploding in midair, illuminating the Clermont skies as the Vision Symphony Orchestra performed an original score directed by Don Marsh.