Flagler County


Flagler County is a county situated in state of Florida nestled between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine. With an estimated population of 88,000, the county's laid back atmosphere has attracted tourists to come over to escape away from the stressful city and chaotic setback of modern life.

The county's tranquility is mostly accounted from its untouched beaches, green golf courses, majestic surroundings and slow moving waterways. Itís also a house to 19 miles of Atlantic Ocean beaches, where uncompromising solitude and enjoyment can be achieved in the beachside communities.

The simple life that Flagler offers to its residents and visitors can be an ironic treat since its proximity to the cities of Orlando, Jacksonville and Sanford as well as the Orlando International Airport, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World are only an hour drive away.

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This proximity could however mean a short drive worth of experiencing relaxation at its best. Leisure activities in quiet Flagler is limitless; one can enjoy hiking in the green forest or canoeing or kayaking in the tranquil rivers. Bird watching and Salt-water fishing are not only distressing activities but also an enjoyable way of exploring more of our fauna. One can also choose to sit back and enjoy a picnic in any of the parks or walk to the beach and engage in a long walk in the sand Playing golf with friends is also a good idea, with Flagler being constantly referred as the "golfer's paradise."

Flagler County boasts its five preserves which has been frequently visited by guests. First in the list is a former airport, the 217-acre Betty Steflik Memorial Preserve, which offers a view of the salt marsh and coastal scrub communities. Graham Swamp Conservation Area, on the other hand, is big at 3,084 acres and is the most recent inclusion the Flagler County's preserves and is a home to a number of exotic bird species, otter, deer and other mammals and alligators. 2,500 acres of the property are covered by wetland hardwood swamp while the rest is a forested upland. Motorized vehicles in Graham Swamp arenít permitted although visitors are allowed to hike and view the wildlife, only if conditions permit them. Another one is the Haw Creek Preserve with an area of 1,005 acres. Canoeing and fishing in the dark creek waters has been a popular leisure activity in this preserve. A picnic pavilion is also available where visitors can enjoy a night of barbeque grilling and a view of exotic animals like the osprey, blue heron and the alligator.

On the other hand is considered as the "crown jewel" in Flagler County's setting of parks. Aptly named as Princess Palace Preserve, this 1,500 acre environment is the nesting grounds for bald eagles and is located in a place that overlooks the former house of a Russian Prince. The 1886-built hunting lodge of Henry Cutting can also be found here, the oldest standing structure in the county. One can choose to spend their time fishing along the Matanzas River or camp out while enjoying the stars of the night. Last in the list of preserves is the River to Sea Preserve is a maritime scrub environment that is in danger of disappearing. This 90-acre preserve is currently being restored, but still manage