Orlando Health and Fitness Clubs


So, you want to continue with your health and fitness routine while having fun at Orlando? One need not worry because Orlando houses more than a dozen of health clubs and fitness center that will surely help you trim that body into its best shape and look.

First in the list is Bally Total Fitness which has a nationwide network of clubs, five of which is in Orlando: in South Semoran Boulevard, Sun Plaza, Bayhill, Winter Park and Altamonte Springs. Bally upholds the typical mission of most fitness centers: to improve the health and quality of life of people. Bally Fitness Center states that this could be achieved through a personalized and accessible and doable wellness programs. For those who are interested with working out at Bally, it's advisable to first give it a try, for free. Bally, offer a free two-week membership which includes the usage of the Bally Total Fitness Club of ones choice, access to all group exercises, weight loss programs and a one hour one-on-one session with a Personal Trainer.

orlando health and fitness clubs

Bally introduces its customers to a wide variety of unique exercise programs like Kwando, Power Flex, Reaction Cycling and Resist-A-Ball, including the typical and more usual exercises like the Yoga and Pilates. Dance classes like funk, hip hop and salsa is also in the program. One can also choose to have his/her own personal trainer for a more focused work out and a manual assistance. With the aid of a personal trainer, the trainee will be helped to bring out a new level of physical conditioning through diversified workouts, strength improvement, cardiovascular endurance and increase in flexibility.

For those who want to incorporate more dynamics in one's own workout routine may opt to choose to work out at Jazzercise, an exercise program made by Judi Sheppard Missett out of her love of jazz dance. This fitness program was introduced in 1969 and the workout program includes a combination of jazz dance, resistance training, kickboxing, yoga and Pilates. This type of workout has been proved for an increase in cardiovascular endurance, strength and flexibility. Jazzercise is an international franchise and those who wouldn't want to miss a single lesson while in vacation in Orlando need not worry because Orlando itself houses to 5 branches including those in Downtown Orlando, East Orange Community Center, Renaissance Center, Center Pointe and Wingate Village.

Interested applicants for Jazzercise may need to learn more about the class formats of the working programs which include Jazzercise Lite (moderately light version of the original program), Jazzercise Body Sculpting (muscle toning workout), Jazzercise Personal Touch (personalized approach), Jazzercise Express (a compressed 30-minute workout), Junior Jazzercise (for kids) and Jazzercise Team Dance. Definitely this is a one-of-a-kind fun type of workout. Others may also choose to visit other fitness centers in Orlando: Citrus Athletic Club in Orange County, Contours Express Metro West in Hiawassee, Gold's Gym in Turkey.