Hospitals in Orlando


What started out as $4.83 project by the Seventh-day Adventist leaders have now grown into a billion-dollar hospital system in Florida.

The facility was established by Orlando Surgeon R.L. Harris in the 72-acre farmhouse located between Lake Estelle and Lake Winyah's shores. Small cottages sprouted in the property as well as rooms to cater the patients.


The hospital has evolved in the succeeding years, transforming the Dr. Harris Sanitarium and Hotel Company into what is know today as the Florida Hospital.

Florida Hospital is located in seven cities, two of which are in Orlando and East Orlando, respectively. The others are in Celebration, Centra Care, Apopka, Winter Park, Fish Memorial and Altamonte.

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The current hospital in Orlando, as well on the other cities, boast its use of the latest technology in treating its patients with an annual estimation 32000 are inpatients while 53600 are outpatients. Aside from the community of Florida, the hospital also serves patients from nearby countries as well, including those from South America and from the Caribbean. It is one among 17 hospitals included in the Florida Division of the Adventist Health Care System. Services of the Florida Hospital have a wide range. It includes a research center for cancer and leukemia, center for women's medicine, cardiac rehabilitation, diabetes center, kidney stone center, corporate and community wellness programs, center for behavioral health, sleep disorders center, organ transplants, psychiatric service, orthopedic service, weight management center, outpatient services, home care services, chest pain center, neonatal service, outpatient radiology center, emergency services, blood bank, pain management center, laboratory services, endoscopy services, pharmacy and a lot more. Florida Hospital has been consistent among U.S. News and World Report's America's Best Hospitals, and is the country's busiest hospital system.

The Florida Hospital Cancer Institute (GHCI) aims for the prediction of the disease as well of its detection and prevention. Included in the center's goal is to research for the disease's treatment. The team is composed of medical and radiological oncologists and surgeons. The FHCI is also subdivided into specific centers that aids to research for their respective treatment. These centers are named as gynecologic oncology, neuro-oncology, Bone Marrow Transplant Center, Gamma Knife Center and programs for breast care, lung cancer, head and neck cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer and melanoma. A grand estimate of 3,800 patients is being diagnosed in the Florida Hospital alone. In line with this, FHCI is helping hands to find more convenient ways to detect, treat and prevent the disease. Aside from its cancer research, Florida hospital has also earned a good reputation in researches that deal with preventing and curing heart diseases, neurological illness and injuries and orthopedic surgical cases, as well as excellence in pediatrics.