Lake County, Orlando, Florida


Created in 1887 from portions of other Florida counties, Orange County and Sumter County, Lake County is currently the 23rd fastest-growing county in the United States.

This county named is named as an appropriation to more than 1,400 named lakes in the county, although it was formerly named after one of its founders and former state representative, H.H. Duncan, before garnering its current name. In Lake County, the highest point in Florida can be found, the Sugarloaf Mountain which is 312 feet above sea level. The county has a total area of 1,156 square miles.

Lake County was once an agricultural county, having been the home to Florida's largest peach orchard and citrus productions, not until the 1980s when freezes have permanently devastated the land for cultivation.

lake county, orlando, fl

The county has then transformed to what it is today, proliferated with parks and other places of recreation and boosted with housing constructions, tourism, antique shopping, lake cruises and sports facilities. Guests of Lake County will surely be bombarded with almost limitless choices of attractions that stirs up the fun and excitement of one's visit. Whether you are an animal lover, wine enthusiast, antique addict, golf player or whatever you are, you will surely have room in Lake County's wide array of tourist attractions. For those who are looking for a unique sky escapade that deviates away from the modernity-laden airplane should try to be lifted up above the sky with a hot air balloon ride. This will constitute an hour of your sunrise experience, when the winds are calmest. This adventure of moving in the horizon from above treetops to thousand feet high will most likely be memorable with a traditional champagne toast with your friends.

Lake County proves to be a friend to hikers and campers who are searching for the best parks and preserves where they can spend the whole day and night trekking for adventure. Among the recommended sites for these activities are Alexander Springs Recreation Area, Black Bass Fishing Resort, Blue Parrot RV Resort, Elite Resorts at Citrus Valley, Oscala Forest Campground, Pine Island Fish Camp, Thousand Trails, Lake Griffin State Park and Lake Louisa State Park. The Lake Griffin State Park is just an hour drive away from the famous Central Florida attractions. The park is famous for its healthy wildlife and plenty fishes. However, swimming in the seemingly pristine waters is prohibited because of the healthy population alligators in the area. Lake Louisa State Park, on the other hand, is composed of six beautiful lakes, outstanding landscapes and rolling hills that are constant attractions for backpackers. It is just a short drive away from the city of Orlando.

Additional activities that will surely contribute to the romance of couples visiting in Lake County are bird watching and boating. Horse lovers will also love the place more and consider it a paradise for its world-renowned equestrian facility.