Lake Eola Park, Orlando, FL


Lake Eola Park is the heart of downtown Orlando. The park is situated on 43 acres of the most beautiful green grass you can find anywhere in America.


There are sidewalks that encircle a 9 mile pond that has a beautiful fountain sitting in the middle as a centerpiece.The park is perfect for a Sunday outing with the kids or as a relaxing spot to visit while on vacation. There are at least a hundred swans that frequent the small pond on a daily basis. All the kids love to feed the swans small pieces of bread or feeds that are available for purchase around the waterís edge. This is probably the most beautiful scenic location anywhere in the Orlando area. If real life swans arenít quite your cup of tea, there are also swan shaped gondolas available for rent at different areas along the pond. For a small fee you can rent one of the gondola paddle boats to spend the afternoon paddling around on the water.

lake eola park in downtown orlando

This allows for a close up view of the swans as they fly in and skid to a stop along the glass like surface of the water. With all of this acreage available for your enjoyment, it is not difficult to find a pleasurable way to spend your afternoon. Pick out a nice spot on the grass and settle down for a nice picnic lunch. The grass is so well kept that it is like sitting on a fluffy down pillow. Enjoy your lunch and then look around for a nice place to play a good game of Frisbee or maybe even a nice game of touch football. The activities that are available to you here are endless.


The park is normally open from Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. until 12 midnight. This allows for a nice moonlight stroll alongside the water as well. The moonlight sparkling on the water might just be the perfect romantic night you have been searching for to enjoy with your loved one. The fountain that sits in the middle of the pond softly glows in the spotlight provided by the many lamps strewn through the area. This park is much more enjoyable by night because you can escape the Florida sunlight beating down on your skin. On a clear night, with a light breeze, there is nowhere in Orlando that is more beautiful.