Maitland Art Center


Founded and designed in 1937 by the Architect and Artist, Jules Andre Smith, this historic museum was originally intended as an art colony for local artists.


Over the years the museum has been home to many traveling exhibits as well as significant permanent collections. The museum still continues with resident artists, associated with the Artists-in-Action program and offers many opportunities for community classes.


The architecture of all of the buildings on the grounds are considered art in their own right. Designed and partially carved by the center's founder, the unique architecture features Mayan and Aztec designs coinciding with beautiful gardens and courtyards.


maitland art center - the research studio

An ideal spot for weddings and special events, the Maitland Art Center (formerly The Research Studio) was recognized as a historic site by the National Register of Historic Places in 1982 and included in the Historic American Buildings Survey. In an effort to continue the legacy of its founder, André Smith, the Maitland Art Center continues to host professional artists in its studios. Presently, three outstanding artists create artworks at the Center.


Kyle has a studio on the grounds and can be found making artwork there year round. He is considered to be a contemporary visual artist by most because of the unique way he combines artistic styles of the past with new ground breaking techniques of our time. To view his art is truly breathtaking. A mixture of the past and present that can rarely be found in artworks of our time Barbara Tiffany also holds a studio on the Maitland Art Center property. Ms. Tiffany is a true artist in the classical art sense. She paints the most amazing classical realistic images of our time. She paints all different subjects of matter, landscapes, floral images, portraits, and much more.

The artists living and working inside of the complex are nothing compared to the grounds themselves. Jules Smith spent most of his lifetime sculpting and forming the grounds into a living piece of art. The architecture scattered around is absolutely breathtaking to all visitors and awe inspiring for all artists. The Art Center is a treat for all lovers of art and art history from the moment you step on to the grounds. The Maitland Art Center is one of the few places you can visit in Florida that will take your breath away, not with the actual viewing of the sites, but with the professionally skilled rendition of the sites themselves.