Maitland Waterhouse


The Maitland Water House is a historical landmark located in Maitland, Florida. The Water House is a fully restored Victorian home that was originally built in 1884 by William H. Waterhouse for his family.

The home is a perfect example of what life was like for a middle class family over 100 years ago. The old style furnishings, mementos, and clothing, quickly take you back to the times of yester year when everything was done at a different pace.

The two storey home exhibits the class and customs of the people of the 1800’s and propels you back in time to a place that has almost become forgotten. The tour through the house allows you to see and feel what it was like almost 100 years ago. Just imagine being able to travel through time and stand and look at what your life would have been like without all of today’s technological advances.

maitland waterhouse, maitland, florida

Next to the Waterhouse home you will find the Waterhouse Carpentry Shop Museum which displays tools used by craftsmen of the late 19th century. Constructed around 1883, this is where Mr. Waterhouse ran his woodworking and construction business. There are many different tours available from this point onward. The Carpentry Shop Museum offers an interactive woodworking program that presents techniques and building methods that were used in central Florida during the 1800's. Students participate in a hands-on experience in the Carpentry Shop Museum using century old tools. Some tools on display were used by William Waterhouse, builder and pioneer of Maitland. Each child at the end of the tour is instructed on how to build their very own toolbox using the old time methods.

Another popular tour for the children is the Hats and Tea Party. This learning exercise is designed to teach students the social etiquette and customs of the Victorian period in America. The program begins with a tour of the Waterhouse Residence Museum, which chronicles the life of Victorian children, discusses Maitland area history, and introduces the Waterhouse family. After the tour, participants are given a decorated hat and invited to a Victorian tea, which includes scrumptious pastries, cookies, dainties, and of course a variety of teas. This is a learning experience that can be enjoyed by the entire family. The Maitland area offers a window back into the times of yesteryear while still affording the luxuries of today that we have come to expect.