Orange County Courthouse


The Old Orange County Courthouse once housed in this five-story historical landmark before it became the Orange County Regional History Center.

Located at the “heart of he community,” in 65 East Central Boulevard in Orlando Florida, this museum contains artifacts representing 12,000 years back its local and regional history. It serves as the headquarters of the Historical Society of Central Florida, a name that replaced Orange County Historical Society to reflect the focus of the society since its collections weren't actually exclusive only at the Orange County but also among those from the surrounding counties. This is a terrific venue for people who would like to get a glimpse of the past and cherish the history through presentations, exhibits, special events and different education programs.


orange county courthouse - orange county regional history center

This old courthouse built in 1927 has given a new life after being transformed into a brilliant repository of the past. The planned transfer of the Orange County courthouse in 425 North Orange Avenue in 1989 served as a blessing in disguise, making the building's new purpose a terrific one. In 1997, the new courthouse has been completed with a few renovations, while the History Center opened its door in September 2000. The museum's overwhelmingly entertaining collections are greatly contributed by the South Florida Historical and Archaeological Society and the Antiquarian Society. Visitors of the History Center will find their initial stop at the Orientation Theater where they can relax as sights and sounds o Central Florida surrounds the environment. The presentation includes Florida's treasure from the natural environment that invites habitat for a diverse group of flora and fauna. Be amazed with images of rock formations and dive your sight inside a majestic product of a natural disaster, the Winter Park sinkhole.

The History Center boasts its wide collections of artifacts from Central Florida's past, ranging from household items (kitchen wares, furniture, toys, dolls, fans. garments, textiles, a mattress covered with Spanish moss as a specific item) to the earliest print advertisements and business signs and logos, from tourist memorabilia to various technology items, from quilts to century old fossils. Take a look at the different modes of transportation of the past and be either haunted or amazed by the sight of a World War II Bomber while learning more about how the aviators were trained before every battle. A comprehensive collection of postcards and photographs are also available dated back from the 1870s that showcase the evolution of way of living in Central Florida through images of people, streets, churches, homes and sports. The museum also includes a library of rare books, reference books, maps and other noteworthy printed memorabilia. In addition, be enthralled on how the sprout of the Walt Disney World has given a direct impact in the area. At a small amount, visitors will find the gate to knowledge an incredibly commendable experience. Aside from the displays and presentations, the Courthouse-formed-History Center also offers concerts and festivals.