City of Orlando International Airport - MCO


Orlando International Airport (MCO) is probably the busiest airport in Florida in terms of number of passengers, but definitely it is has preserved its reputation for being one of United States' most beautiful, most sophisticated and environmental friendly airport to date.


The 34.8 million passengers that have visited the airport in 2006 alone, which placed itself in the 24th spot among the busiest airport in the World, would never have a hard time staying long in the vicinities of airport, being it a main attraction in itself. The airport is blessed as it is surrounded by Florida's magnificent islands, lakes and vegetation as seen from the glass walls of the airside terminals. Getting irritated with the thick clouds of people walking the same path as yours is just normal, but thanks to the environment of Florida that it has become an important contribution to ease up the negativities of the intended crowd scene.

orlando international airport, mco

The airport code, MCO, which stands for McCoy Air Force Base, has been a butt of jokes among central Floridians, making it as an acronym for "Mickey's Corporate Office" or "Mickey and Co." being Orlando as the home for the Walt Disney World Resort. The original definition for MCO actually stands for the airport's former name, Colonel Michael Norman Wright McCoy who died in the crash of a B-47 Stratojet in 1957. After the tragic accident, the airport’s original name, Pinecastle Air Force Base, has been changed to McCoy Air Force Base in the honor of the colonel. Orlando International Airport has a single main terminal building, that offers vast choice of shopping facilities and other facilities such as restaurants and catering outlets.

The Hyatt Regency Hotel is just located at one end of the building.

This remarkable airport has an area of 23 square miles or 60 square kilometers, and is the third-largest airport in the United States by area, toppled over by Denver and Dallas. Its control tower is also the second tallest control tower in North America, winning a place over the former second and third placers, Air Force and FAA control towers. MCO is also the first airport in Florida that accepts E-Pass, or an automatic toll collection, a system that allows drivers to step out of what they call now as an obsolete system of pulling a ticket or paying a parking fee as form of parking payment. MCO has recently opened a Cell Phone Parking Lot nd Wi_Fi Hotspot for waiting drivers and visitors. This would allow them t use their mobile devices and laptops to connect to the Internet and pursue doing the tasks that they need to accomplish for the day

MCO boasts for being one of the world’s first airports to be Airbus ready, having been landed by the world’s largest airliner – Airbus A380 – on November 14, 2007. MCO is known being either the secondary hub or focus city og the following airlines: Air Tran, Delta Connection, Chatauqua Airlines, Freedom Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue Airways, China Airlines, Continental Connection, British Airways, Iberia, Midwest Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Lufthansa, Royal Air Maroc, Boeing and a lot more.