Parks in Orlando


To say that Orlando is no more than theme parks and adulterated fun is a false justification for a city spiced up with preserved locations and artifacts for the future to see.

Orlando is definitely a perfect conglomerate of modernity and history making fun a variety of sorts. With numerous parks spread in different quadrants of Orlando, from the North West to its central to the South East, Orlando is certainly a city that caters to visitors of varied tastes.

Resting silently in Central Orlando is Lake Eola Park. With its pleasurable view housed in a 43.2 acre area, it has been taken advantage by onlookers and visitors and turned it as the best place for walking, relaxation and picnics. Aside from the free fun, lovers may choose to give up 12 dollars for half an hour of paddling swan-shaped boats or 15 dollars for gondola boats for quality time for each other.

parks and nature in orlando

Enjoy the surroundings while feeding swans and other birds that grace the park or relaxing beside beds of flowers while drowning your consciousness as the beautiful skylines of Orlando hypnotize you. You can also view scheduled concerts or plays while taking a bite at Eric's at Eola. Located in 2955 W.D. Judge Drive, the Northwest Community Center houses the Orange County Hal Marston Community Center, the Northwest Community Center ans Swimming Pool and the Orange County Northwest Health Clinic. The center opened in 1994 and has been the only recreation center that has been bloomed out of the collaborative effort of the Orlando City and the Orange County government. The center's programs include the OASIS (Orlando After School Is Super), which is an after school program targeted to youths enrolled from kindergarten to fifth grade that offers homework assistance, athletics and creative art activities, the annual summer Camp Orlando, cheerleading and basketball classes.

Southwest of Orlando, the Bill Frederick Park and Pool at Turkey Lake is a beautiful 300-acre park that attracts families for a desirable location for fun and play. It is open year round, offering its pavilions for perfect picnic destinations, its well-stocked lake for fishing, a camping area for flora and fauna enthusiasts and nature trippers and a beautifully-maintained children's farm for a refreshing viewing pleasure of farm birds and animals. The park also includes grills and bunk houses for those who are interested for a naturalist group retreats as well as other good range of activities such as baseball, volleyball and biking. The park also offers Youth Group rates, Family Pass as well as Individual Pass.

In Orlando's North East is the Colonial Town Neighborhood Center and John Long Memorial Pool Park and Recreation Center located at 1517 Lake Highland Drive. Not just a typical park, it offers a wide range of programs and activities for the community with the youth as its target audience. Activities include karate lessons, sailing lessons, OASIS and summer day camps. This is just a few among a hundred other parks and recreation centers scattered in the metro. The list goes on with Rock Lake Park, Demetree Park, Cherokee Park, Engelwood Park and Gilbert McQueen Park.