Rogers Building at South Magnolia Avenue, Orlando


The Rogers Building is located at 37-39 South Magnolia Avenue in Orlando. The building itself was constructed in 1886, but the history involving the building starts about 3 years earlier.

In 1883, Gordon Rogers, an English immigrant, moved to Florida. Mr. Rogers looked all around the area in search of a place that he could build a new English gentlemenís club. Finally, around the end of 1886, Rogers decided that Orlando would be the perfect.

Rogers hired William H. Mullins, a well known architect at that time, to model the building. Queen Anne was the chosen style and was elaborately created with pin and cypress covered with stucco. In the years to come, the stucco would be covered over with zinc panels. These zinc panels gave the look of carved stone to the faded out stucco, giving the aging building a new glow.


orlando rogers building

It was in July of 1926 that Arthur M. Higgins purchased the building for $80,000. After the purchase, the building was reinforced with steel beams and underwent a complete interior/exterior remodel. He also purchased the building next door and covered it with the same zinc panels to give the illusion that the two buildings were actually just one. For all practical purposes, such as title and deed, the building that make up the Rogers Building are still considered separate entities Since the first time the doors opened until the present time, the Rogers Building has housed many of the most successful businesses in the area. Its early beginnings spotlighted two gentlemenís clubs, The Cosmopolitan Club and the English Club. This building even played host to the Arthur Murray Dance Studio, which was one of the most spotlighted studios in the U.S. in the mid 1900ís At the present time, the Rogers Building is the home of Guinevereís coffeehouse, the Gallery at Avalon Island, and the Mad Cow Theatre.

Through all the changes of the years, this zinc clad building has still stuck strong to its English roots instilled in it by Gordon Rogers himself. The building long ago became a historic landmark in the area and brings tourist from all over to see its amazing design. Metal pane buildings are not frequently seen anymore around the U.S. and to actually see one in person is absolutely astounding. As you plan your next vacation, or even your next day trip, take the time to have a coffee at the old building and lavish yourself in the history that surrounds you.