Orlando Scuba Diving


A single day not spared to the exploration of the bodies of water near the Orlando area can make you feel that there is something lacking in your trip.

Diving under the pristine waters together with the manatees has been one of the usual favorite attractions in the area. Arranging your diving itinerary is best served by Orlando Dive and Snorkel Tours, the premier dive and tour company of Orlando, which has been serving to more than thirty-five major hotels and resorts not only in the Orlando Area but also in the Kissimmee Area.

As mentioned above, diving in the waters with the friendly manatees has been one of the most sought experiences by tourists. The placid and cute manatees are facing the danger of extinction and a dive with them will surely grab your heart, will make you understand the importance of protecting them.

orlando scuba diving

The diving site is the Crystal River (in Citrus County), the home of these fun-loving creatures. A diver is assisted by a dive master in his or her way down the water, and can enjoy the company of the manatees between 40 to 50 minutes. Another breathtaking area underneath the Crystal River is the Kings Bay Springs group, where one will be forced to interact with a school of fishes. The Kings Bay is actually a collective group of thirty known springs, with Hunter Spring and Tarpon Hole Spring as the most famous of the springs. Included in Orlando Dive and Snorkel Tours is the ultimate diving, swimming, snorkeling, canoeing and strolling haven, Rainbow River, which is situated in Marion County. Rainbow River has been consistently ranked among the best rivers in the United States. It is located 100 miles away northwest of Orlando. The river has been previously known for names such as the Wekiwa Creek, Blue Spring and Blue Run, and it has been supporting a wide variety of fish, wildlife, and plants, many within easy viewing by visitors. The clear waters will surely attract swimmers and divers into it.

Blue Grotto, another scheduled dive tour by the Orlando Dive and Snorkel Tours, is located 87.3 miles away from Orlando. The Blue Grotto is actually a sinkhole with good visibility, a cavern dive that is exclusive only to divers who have at least a rank of an open water Level 1. It is 100 feet deep although in the 30 feet mark, a diver can take off his mask in a fresh air bell where he can take a breath of fresh air. The dive isn't also recommended to claustrophobics. Orlando is a very good place to take scuba diving lessons for certification so you could be able to battle out the challenging diving sites mentioned above. Other dive shops is tne area are the following: Kissimmee Professional Dive Center, Divers Outlet, Seminole Scuba and Swim Center and Northwest Divers at Orlando.