Shamu Stadium at Sea World, Orlando


The Shamu Stadium at Sea World in Orlando is what a New York stage is to a Broadway production. This 7 million gallon water enclosure is home to the killer whale population of Sea World.

Katina is the oldest female of all the orcas presently residing at Shamu Stadium. This killer whale was captured in Iceland in 1978 and then soon purchased by the investors at Sea World. Katina is credited with giving birth to the first calves successfully bred in captivity. She has been performing at Shamu stadium for most of her life, except for the few times when she was loaned out to other facilities within the Sea World family.


To date she has produced 4 daughters and 2 sons. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, one each of her sons and daughters has passed away. Katina is now approximately 30 years old and still performing daily at Shamu Stadium in Orlando.

sea world shamu stadium

Unna, another orca housed at Shamu Stadium, is the daughter of Katina. This orca resided in Orlando for the first 6 years of her life before being transferred to a different park in San Antonio. A fight by the other male whales in her enclosure sparked the transfer and led to her new home in Texas.

It was here that Unna became pregnant for the first time, but sadly her calf was listed as stillborn. Just a few years ago she was transferred back to the park in Orlando to live out the rest of her years with her family. Kalina is another resident of the Stadium. Kalina is historically known as the first calf to successfully be bred and survive in captivity. This is an amazing feat to be accomplished given the fact that for 20 years before her birth, dozens of calves had died just days after birth. Since becoming an adult, Kalina has birthed 3 sons and a daughter. All of whom still reside with her at Shamu Stadium.

Tillikum is the largest bull whale orca held in captivity. He measures at over 22 feet long and weighs in at over 12,000 pounds. This monstrous bull has been involved in two fatal incidents since his capture in 1983. It is this reason that trainers no longer get into the water with him. Tillikum is estimated to be around 23 years old and is the spotlight orca for most of Sea World’s presentations. Orlando is home to one of the most beautiful families of killer whales that the world has ever seen. Sea World Orlando deserves a round of applause for doing all they can to keep their captive orca family together!