Vineyards in Orlando - Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards


If the notion that California is the only wine-producing state in the United States come

in your mind, you better think twice. Of course, California's winery in Napa Valley will remain as a country's pride, along with the names that the business line has produced throughout the years like Paul Masson, Kendall Jackson and Ernest and Julio Gallo.


As stated earlier, North American wine drinkers have to consider that the wine they are enjoying might probably came from Orlando. In fact, one of Orlando's top tourist spot is a winery, the Lakeridge Winery and Vineyards, a representative to almost a dozen other wineries in the city.

Lakeridge vineyard which has been established in February 1989 is located in US 27, six miles north of Clermont. It was founded by Gary Cox, an enthusiast of wine, who started his interest with wine while traveling in USA and Europe. This passion led to the establishment of the now Lafayette Vineyards in Tallahasse and the Lakeridge winery in Central Florida. Eventually, Cox sacrificed Lafayette’s fate and decided to focus in bringing up the best in Lakeridge.

The risk worth it and Lakeridge has grown immensely when Charles Cox, Gary's son, joined the company in 1992 and helped with the marketing, special events and retailing. The success led to open a second branch of the winery in Saint Augustine. It is now considered by Florida's Department of Agriculture the largest premium winery in the state. The vineyard currently covers 127 acres of land and has been a consistent producer of wine, with an estimated 400,000 bottles, or 50,000 cases being sold every year.

vineyards in orlando - lakeridge winery and vineyards

Their varieties include the following: Florida hybrids such as Suwannee, Blanc Du Bois and Stover, and Native American such as Carlos, Welder Muscadine and Noble. Other recommended wines being produced by Lakerdge is the "Reserve Cuvee Noir," a Southern wine that is distinctive with sweet, smooth, rich flavor. It remains a pioneer in the development of table and sparkling wines from hybrid grapes. Lakeridge wines are being sold in the winery and selected wine shops. Lakeridge also accepts tours for people who are interested with winery. It includes a twelve minute video presentation that sums up the process of growing grapes and turning them into wine, including the bottling and labeling. Tour Guides help visitors traverse and walk the production area along the spectacular view of the grapes in the vineyard. The tour finalizes with the most exciting part – the wine tasting.

Garnering more than 300 awards, Lakeridge has been a famous venue for gathering and events such as the South Lake Animal League Arts and Crafts Show, the Annual wine fest, and live music events such as Winter Music Series, Jazz on the Vineyard Green and the Blues at the Winery. The winery also accepts corporate parties, wedding receptions and any special occasions.