Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL


Set afoot on the massive 250,000 acre of Walt Disney World Resort and be welcomed to the largest recreational be one of its guests that comprise the most visited theme park in the world.


Located southwest of Orlando, Florida, USA, the theme park is owned by the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts of The Walt Disney Company. Also known through its abridged name, Walt Disney World, Disney Word or WDW, the site was opened in October 1, 1971, with the Magic Kingdom as its first theme park. WDW, at its present, is the home for four theme parks, two water parks, twenty-four onsite resorts, twenty-three themed hotels, four mini-golf courses in addition to vast choices of restaurants, shopping places, a nighttime entertainment area and other outdoor recreations. Walt Disney's idea of a second theme park first emerged in 1959, with a vision of utilizing a much larger area of land.

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In his visit at Orlando, Florida he fell in love with the site where he saw the well-developed network of roads: the Interstate 4 and Florida's Turnpike, with the McCoy Air Force Base to the east. His attention was much focused much on this project, but he died on December 15, 1966, failing to see the realization of his vision five years later in 1971, with his brother Roy Disney, taking charge of the project. The park’s opening in 1971 marks in time for the completion of the Magic Kingdom, as well as the Disney's Contemporary Resort, Disney's Polynesian Resort and Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. Roy Disney named the property in honor of his brother, thus Walt Disney World, which Roy Disney referred as giving the best gift for the person who started it all, so that people would always remember his name. In December 20, 1971, three months after the opening of WDW, came the death of Roy O. Disney.  The other theme parks would then open in the years to follow. The EPCOT center, which was adapted from Walt Disney's vision for a "Community of tomorrow" was opened in 1982 and permanently adopted the name "Epcot" in 1996. The Disney-MGM Studios, which is now known as Disney Hollywood Studios, was opened in 1989. In 1998, an animal-based theme park called the Disney's Animal Kingdom was unveiled.

Each of the four theme parks is represented by an iconic structure. The Magic Kingdom is well-known for having the most photographed building in the world: the Cinderella castle. The Epcot, which is divided into two sections – Future World and World Showcase - is represented by the Spaceship Earth geo-sphere. The Disney's Hollywood Studios, the home of two of the most popular thrill rides, is represented by The Sorcerer's Hat. Lastly, the Disney's Animal Kingdom has the Tree of Life as its iconic structure. Aside from these major theme parks, WDW is popular for its water parks: the ski resort Blizzard Beach and the resort with the tropical beach setting: Typhoon Lagoon. Shoppers will also enjoy shopping at the Downtown Disney Area, where major establishments are.