Walt Disney World Resort


One of the tourist attractions in the city of Orlando, Florida is the theme park Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort.


Although the theme park is located in Lake Buena Vista and not in Orlando, it is still accessible at 32 kilometers, or 20 miles, to the south of Orlando.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is marked with the giant replica of Mickey Mouse’s sorcerer’s hat from the segment The Sorcerer’s Apprentice of the Disney animated movie Fantasia in 1940, as the theme park’s official icon. The giant sorcerer’s hat replaced the Earful Tower, which served as the theme park’s icon from 1989 to 2000. The idea of giant icons for each Disney theme park was the guiding principle established by Mr. Walt Disney himself. He wanted each park to have what he referred to as “wienie”—a huge structure that would draw the attention of visitors and give them sense of direction.

walt disney world resort in orlando

The other theme parks have the castle, for Magic Kingdom; the Spaceship Earth, for Epcot; and the Tree of Life for the Animal Kingdom. Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Sorcerer Mickey Hat stands majestically along the park’s Hollywood Boulevard, right in front of the Chinese Theater. Unveiled on the 28th of September 2001 during the centennial celebration dubbed as “100 Years of Magic Celebration”, it represents the magical world of show business and Disney’s entertainment wizardry. The giant hat served as an umbrella during the centennial celebration to interactive kiosks, where people could learn of the life and career of Walt Disney. The kiosks were removed after the celebration and the hat now serves as a roof to a major Disney station for pin sales and trading.

The giant hat rests slightly slanted in between two huge Mickey Mouse ears, as it is tipped by a giant Mickey Mouse hand. It is fiberglass-made, measuring 122 feet tall and weighing 156 tons. The interior space, which measures almost 60,000 cubic feet, could hold as much as 444,744 gallons of water, were it to be tipped upside down and be used as a container. It was painted with blue chameleon paint that shifts, or changes, color as people move around it. The amount of paint used to polish the hat is enough to coat 500 Cadillacs—that is how big the giant hat is! And the concrete foundation that supports the hat and the ears is enough to cover one football field. The giant Mickey ears features a Light Ribbons special effect, sparkling and changing colors with the use of internal pixie dust for lighting. The giant hat’s design was completed with two silver moons and six silver stars decoration, just like the sorcerer’s hat in the Disney film.