Wekiwa Springs State Park Bridge


Wekiwa Springs State Park is just one of about 150 Florida State Parks that are maintained by the state government. As such, the park is under the governance of the state’s Department of Environmental Protection.

One of the major attractions of Wekiwa Park is its spring, which serves as the main water source of the Wekiwa River. Because of this body of water within the park, the Wekiwa Springs State Park bridge was constructed.

The bridge can be an attraction by itself. Wekiwa Springs State Park bridge is actually a foot bridge, where people can pass. The structure was constructed to connect two sides of the spring within the park. This way, guests can stroll continuously and enjoy more of the sights, the fresh air and the observable diversity within the 7-acre nature park.

wekiwa spring state park bridge

The appearance of the bridge serves as an ornament that makes it interesting enough. The Wekiwa Springs State Park bridge is made up entirely of hard wood. The bridge was structured using a simple, yet reliable and tested design. On each side, wooden handles are built to serve as a guide and handle to assist passersby. The handles are also obviously a means of precaution because it would prevent anyone from falling into the bridge. Thus, you will never worry if you have to run along the bridge.

Standing in the middle of the bridge can be an enriching experience. On a clear and peaceful day, you can get there and stand anywhere within the length of the structure to adore and appreciate the sight. Standing there above the spring, you can see several fishes swimming their way into the water body. From there, you can get an excellent view of the entire park in its glory. Many people know that doing so is a relaxing way of killing time. You can feel the serenity and the stillness of the water, which could truly boost your mood.

Wekiwa Springs State Park is very ideal for camping, trailing and hiking. You can spend one weekend with your family in the park. Wekiwa Springs is one of the popular parks in Orlando, Florida where people can just stroll, sit back, take picnics and relax with the relaxing nature on the background. There are numerous trees and the presence of the spring just makes it very soothing and attractive. The bridge adds to the spice and serves as an ornament and a functional facility as well. As a precaution, there are alligators living in the spring, so just be alert when you go camping. Anyway, there are safety officers constantly roaming around to check on the guests.