Wet And Wild, Orlando, FL


George Millay, hailed as the “Father of Waterpark” for pioneering the concept of water parks and constructing the first water parks in the United States, founded the SeaWorld and Wet’n Wild water park chains.


There are two Wet’n Wild parks one in Greensboro, North Carolina and the other is in Orlando, Florida.

The Orlando Wet’n Wild park boasts of lots of thrilling water rides that delight visitors from all over the US and travelers from other countries, in search of fun and adventure in the water. Main attractions include: The Brain Wash. This is a 2 or 4-person tube ride, vertically plummeting down a 53-foot drop. A truly mind numbing water fun experience. The Disco H2O. This one is a unique way to enjoy retro music from the 70’s ear, while on a cloverleaf raft that spins around in circle through an aqua disco nightclub.

wet'n wild park, orlando, fl

The nightclub is fully-equipped with disco balls, lasers and colorful neon lights. The Storm. This is Wet’n Wild latest attraction—swirls you in a body coaster and drops you at a maximum speed from the elevated chute down to a giant bowl until you land spinning in circles to a splash.
Kids Park. Of course, the park would never forget about the children visitors. In Kids Park, the children can enjoy the most sought after adult rides in miniature versions. Bubble Up. Another kids’ ride with large inflatable bubble that bounces and slides into a three-foot deep pool. Bomb Bay. A capsule shaped like a bomb drops you to a vertical slide that is sure to make your heart stop and turn the insides of your stomach into knots!

Other featured rides are: Mach 5. Slide head-first on a mat through a narrow gorge that twists and turns, heading 1,700 feet down below. Der Stuka. A six-story drop to a slide that would send you 250 feet down in an almost vertical fall that lands you in a 115 feet water runway. Knee Ski. Kneeboarding in a cable-operated ski through a half-mile lake. Other attractions include, The Surge, The Black Hole, The Flyer, The Blast, Wake Skating, The Wild One, and the Bubba Tub. For less adventurous guests, they can relax at the Lazy River—a stream flowing through a gorge surrounded with luscious trees and colorful flowers. They can ride on tubes or just enjoy the scene at the old boat ducks with the rustic billboards and watch and listen to the melodic cascade of the waterfalls. There’s also the Wave Pool Surf Lagoon, where four-foot waves playing back and forth the 17,000 square foot pool. The lagoon is equipped with comfy seats, highlighted with the romantic waterfall on the background. Or for those who would like to play volleyball on the sand, the park has two nets to offer.