Winter Garden Monument, Orlando, FL


On a typical day in Winter Garden, there are just too many outdoor landmarks that one can enjoy and look at. Drive around or stroll within the city and you will surely get by one of the fascinating sites.

The Winter Garden Monument is not just a symbol of how mighty and proud the city of Winter Garden is. It is also functional as it serves as a landmark, a reference area, a mini park, a candy to the eye and a showcase of heritage all rolled into one.

Winter Garden is situated at the western portion of downtown Orlando, in Orange County, Florida.


The city has an outstanding population of 28,400. There is a current boom of new house constructions and developments in the area.

winter garden monument, orlando, florida

It is expected that in the coming next decade, Winter Garden will be one of the most important dwelling centers in the whole of Orlando. As for now, its development is very much ongoing. The city has earned the title the land of truly pleasant living. In Winter Garden, the neighborhood is warm, pleasant and hospitable. The surroundings just add to the conduciveness and attractiveness. Simply being in Winter Garden is already providing much coziness and inner peace. Winter Garden Monument is an important landmark because it is usually functioning as a reference point. From the monument, anyone in the city can be guided to many other locations, centers and areas. For example, a few blocks to the west of the Winter Garden Monument can be found the entrance of a popular subdivision or community. From the Monument, anyone can also easily spot where the commercial establishments are or where the road going to important avenues can be accessed.

The Winter Garden Monument is a public area. Anyone can drop by and take a stroll. The steps can also serve as instant seats where you could take a few minutes of rest after strolling or standing to view the surroundings. On a hot, typical tropical day, the roofed area can provide shade. The surrounding trees are making the site green, refreshing and cool. Opposite sides of the monument area are serving as roads to passing cars and other vehicles. The circular shape of the monument area provides interesting view and landscape. Yes, the Winter Garden Monument can be simple at first glance. But you have to come closer or get into it to entirely and instantly appreciate its beauty. The accessibility of the place should never be a problem. If you are a stranger to the city, you can just take the cab or ask for simple directional instructions from the locals.