Winter Garden Water Tower, Orlando, FL


Towering about a hundred feet above ground level, the Orlando Winter Garden Water Tower stands more than just an ordinary water reservoir. On a typical tropical day, the sight provided by the water tower will surely be awesome because not only does it symbolize the presence of water up there amid a hot day, it also serves as an ornament that makes the blue sky more interesting.

In one glance, Orlando Winter Garden Water Tower may seem very ordinary. For sure, there are many similar and identical water towers elsewhere. But that distinct one standing proud in Orlando Winter Garden will surely be different. First, it bears the proud and symbolic logo of the Winter Garden. Second, the water reservoir is well maintained and there is an unquestionable and undoubted hint of good management, cleanliness and functionality.

Orlando Winter Garden is a city situated within the western portion of Orange County in Florida. It has a current population of about 30,000. In the area can be found several developments of housing communities. It is very obvious that many dwellers like the overall comfort and appropriateness of the area as site for home construction and establishment.

To further arouse interest of homemakers, Orlando Winter Garden is tagged as the modern land of truly pleasant living. Aside from the numerous housing communities, more commercial and industrial establishments are also putting up presences in the city. There are also many attractions like camping grounds, vacation resorts, theme parks and amusement centers. The area has a relatively humid and warm subtropical climate.

winter garden water tower, orlando, fl

Two major seasons prevail each year. Hot and rainy season comes every May, lasting until October. The season also coincides with the hurricane season in the Atlantic. The cool season from November to March is drier and is characterized by significantly less rainfall. The low elevation of the area's ground is one good factor why wells and water ground sources proliferate. Thus, Orlando Winter Garden Water Tower is not encountering any problem about difficulty in securing water. It can directly get water from the underground water table. City water sources can also provide it with water content anytime. The water reservoir is a good and functional water storage facility providing water supply to neighboring households and public establishments.

Orlando Winter Garden is a growing pleasant community. It is no wonder that the Water Tower is taking an important and practical function that further makes the city flourishing and well nourished. The next time you look up to the Orlando Winter Garden Water Tower, remember that the water reservoir is not just an ordinary water tower. It is a landmark, a sky scrapper and a water storage facility all in one.